10 Soal Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK Kurikulum 2013 Beserta Kunci Jawabannya!

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SEPUTAR SURABAYA -  Artikel ini memuat kumpulan soal pilihan ganda mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK Kurikulum 2013.

Bagi Anda yang sedang kesulitan pada masa Penilaian Semester ini, Anda bisa menggunakan artikel ini sebagai referensi belajar.

Soal-soal ini juga tersaji beserta kunci jawaban yang diharapkan bisa menjadi bahan evaluasi belajar.

Kumpulan latihan soal yang disajikan ini berasal dari berbagai sumber yang dirangkum untuk dijadikan panduan belajar para siswa/siswi.

Selamat Belajar!

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Berilah tanda silang (X) pada huruf a, b, c, d atau e pada jawaban yang paling benar!

1. Jade: What do you think of my drawing?

Rose: It's amazing, but I think you should erase the scribbles over here.

Jade: Thank you so much for your opinon, Rose!

Rose: My pleasure.

From the dialogue above, Rose is ...

a. Asking a question

b. Giving an opinion

c. Giving help

d. Asking for help

e. Asking for attention

2. Dave: So what do you think of my singing?

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John: It's really good, but I suggest to try singing in a high tune.

Dave: Thanks, John.

John: No problem, Dave!

From the dialogue above, John is ...

a. Giving an opinion

b. Asking for an opinion

c. Giving help

d. Giving attention

e. Asking for help

3. The following dialogues!

Rafa: "I have a serious problem today. I have just lost my driver license."

Sifa: "Don’t be so sad, my friend, let us search it around the park."

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Rafa: "I have looked for it for hours, but I could not find it. Do you have any suggestion?"

Sifa: "You should tell the security to announce it to other students."

Rafa: "Yeah, that sounds good. I do hope it helps"

Which sentence that shows asking suggestion?

a. I have just lost my driver license.

b. You should tell the security.

c. Do you have any suggestion?

d. That sounds good.

e. Don’t be so sad, my friend.

4. Cinta: "Why don’t you take the bus to work? The driving is rushing out and the traffic is terrible."

Johan: "I would, but I’m afraid that there won’t be any seats left for the time the bus comes to my stop."

Why does Johan not want to go by bus?

(BACA JUGA:Latihan Soal PAS Biologi Kelas 11 SMA Tahun Ajaran 2022/2023, Kurikulum 2013 Dilengkapi Kunci Jawaban)

a. Johan wants Cinta to go with him.

b. Cinta prefers driving in the rush hour.

c. Cinta wants to ride to work with Johan.

d. Johan has to stand on the bus if he takes it to work.

e. Johan takes the bus to work.

5. A: "Will you pick me up this evening?"

B: "..."

a. Of course please help yourself.

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b. No, I don’t think I can.

c. Sure you will.

d. Sure I will.

e. sure you can.

6. Dirham : ... to carry these books to the class, ma'am?

Amalia : you're so kind, but no, thanks

a. Do you mind

b. May I ask you

(BACA JUGA:20 Soal Pilihan Ganda UAS Sejarah Indonesia Semester 1 Kelas 11 SMA Disertai Pembahasan dan Kunci Jawaban)

c. Can you help me

d. Shall I do

e. Do you want me 

Quation no 7-10!

Yana : Look at the picture on the wall magazine

Tira : It's nice. The words are deep, isn’t it?

Yana : You're right. It is very touching

Tira : It is written "You are not rich until you have something that money can't buy you"

Yana : It absolutely tells about the happiness

Tira : How could it be?

(BACA JUGA:20 Soal UHB Sejarah Kelas 11 SMA Kurikulum 2013 Bab 4-5 Model Pilihan Ganda dan Essay Beserta Kunci Jawaban)

Yana : Something you can not buy with money is only happiness. Nobody sells happiness, but you create.

Tira : I even don't get it. Wow it's really inspire me.

Yana : That's why you have to do what makes you happy. If you're not happy, leave it.

Tira : You're right, Yana. Happiness is the richest thing ever.

7. Where are Tira and Yana?

a. In the zoo

(BACA JUGA:10 Contoh Soal Essay HOTS Sejarah Kelas 11 SMA Kurikulum 2013 Materi Sumpah Pemuda, Dilengkapi Kunci Jawaban)

b. At school

c. In the museum

d. In a pet shop

e. At home

8. According to the text, what is the picture on the wall about?

a. it's about Yana's pet

b. it's about the friendship of Yana and Tira

c. it's about the lion's friendship

(BACA JUGA:20 Soal UHB Biologi Kelas 11 SMA Semester 1 Tentang Sistem Pencernaan Manusia dan Kunci Jawaban)

d. it's about the happiness.

e. it's about Tira's pet

9. Why does Yana tell that It is about the happiness?

a. Because something that we can't buy with money is happiness.

b. Because Tira knows her.

c. Becaise Yana knows her.

d. Because the words say that.

e. Because the picture tells

10. What does the caption mean?

a. Happiness is like true friend.

(BACA JUGA:15 Soal Essay Model HOTS Biologi Kelas 11 SMA Materi Sistem Sirkulasi Darah Manusia dan Dilengkapi Kunci Jawab)

b. You are not rich until you have something that money can't buy.

c. The lion is alone.

d. The lion is looking for happiness

e. Happiness is everything.

Itulah kumpulan soal mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK Kurikulum 2013 beserta kunci jawaban.


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